Key Deliverables for O&M Active Sites

The scope of work includes providing Field First Line Maintenance Services of Active equipments (BTS and Microwave). The service aims at further improving the network quality, optimizing the structure of the maintenance team and the maintenance cost, improving the work efficiency, to ensure secure, stable and efficient network operations. Regular preventive Maintenance. Summary of the activities to be carried out in this project includes Corrective maintenance, , Regular and ad-hoc reports in relation to all the FLM activities and other related activities.

Key Deliverables for O&M Passive Sites

Three Phase Power Supply:-

Distribution of two phase and single phase for Power Interface units, Air Conditioners and other lighting loads. Sharing of load based on the phase.

Diesel Generator Sets:-

Maintenance of Auto mains Fail Controller. Varying time delays, cool time analysis and set up protection controlling. B Check will be done once in 3months or 180hrs whichever is earlier.


AMF/PIU Maintenance / STABILIZER:-

Daily AMF/PIU maintenance and check up. Optimization of power based on the load capacity. Checking output voltage of two phases to single phase / single phase to single phase. DG will automatically start.

Power Plants:-

Conversion of AC to DC for BTS cabinets for both negative as well as positive loads. Maintenance of DC conductors, connecting battery bank to maintain load output, monitoring the DC load current, output voltage, charge timers, maintenance of modularís, connection of MCBs, checking of alarm cables.

Battery Bank Maintenance:-

Regulary Battery bank checks up and once in 6 months battery heath checks up. Testing of individual cell for proper charging & discharging time, conduct on loading checks and tightening of the bolt to ensure the voltage stabilization. Parallel battery set up for improving the back up.


Air Conditioners:-

Maintenance (up to 3 tons) of both split as well as window air conditioners using the controllers. Use of censors to maintain room temperature. Set up of timers for use of alternate running. Servicing of air conditioners.


Weekly checking the Resistance(Ohms) values. If Resistance values variables to be changed the Earth Pits. (If value is > 2ohms)

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